“Whether I groom or coach grooming, it’s a real pleasure to see a dog happy, relieved and feeling good.”

Along with social breaks and exercise, Jacqui specialises in maintenance grooming to help support happy, healthy and engaged doggos.

Maintenance grooming maintains the “after” groom. It can help address grooming anxiety and reduces issues such as excess shedding, mats and tangles, debris buildup particularly with paws/nails, ears and eyes. Maintenance grooming is recommended by vets and groomers alike, but is often a challenge for owners to keep on top of. Jacqui’s aim is that grooming can be no biggie for you or your dog because it’s incidental and a pleasure, rather than being an isolated and time restricted main event.

These photos are from training days and provide examples, but Jacqui now focuses on in-home grooms and coaching.

“Working every day with 24PAWS’ dog clients provides a great balance for my study and research with The International School for Canine Psychology (UK). My key area of interest is the human-canine bond. Every time I see a groomed dog racing joyously up to their owner, and the owner reciprocating their delight, it absolutely makes my day.”