Groom your dog at home. Save money & hassle. Reduce anxiety. Increase independence. Jacqui can show you how.

Along with social breaks and exercise, Jacqui specialises in maintenance grooming to help support happy, healthy and engaged doggos.

Somewhere between “just groomed” and “needs to be groomed” is the look and coat condition that you love for your dog. Why not have this all the time?

Jacqui can show you how to:

  1. Reduce the need for the bath/dry component of grooming*
  2. Reduce overall grooming anxiety
  3. Reduce excess shedding, mats and tangles, and debris buildup
  4. Save you money quickly and in a variety of ways
  5. Reduce “that doggie smell”, shedding etc in your environment
  6. Help build the bond you have with your dog 🙂

*The full bath/dry takes time and is often stressful for owner and dog. Less debris is collected in a well maintained coat and other options for freshness, skin and coat health can then be ideal.

Jacqui can advise you on:

  • Understanding your particular dog’s coat
  • Assessing shape and grooming options
  • Encouraging your dog to see you as their favourite and most trusted groomer
  • A step-wise approach to grooming
  • Introducing clippers and clipper use (if clippers are needed)
  • Clipper blade(s) and attachment options for your particular dog’s coat
  • Comb and brush optionsfor your particular dog’s coat
  • Which to use when
  • Types of scissor and which may work best for you
  • Managing ear, eye and sanitary areas (special attention areas)
  • Trimming nails
  • Keeping paws and pads clean and trimmed.

Is your dog is anxious about being groomed, or about being separated from you for grooming? Think how much you and they could benefit from grooming being no biggie because it’s incidental and a pleasure, rather than an isolated and time restricted substantial event.

Jacqui now focuses on in-home maintenance grooms and coaching. These photos are from Jacqui’s training days and are useful examples.

“Working every day with 24PAWS’ dog clients provides a great balance for my study and research with The International School for Canine Psychology (UK). My key area of interest is the human-canine bond. Every time I see a groomed dog racing joyously up to their owner, and the owner reciprocating their delight, it absolutely makes my day.”