The world of dogs involves many “aha” moments.

By that we mean ways to do things more efficiently, with less environmental impact, and with results that add to a dog’s health, happiness and engagement.

Jacqui has always enjoyed creating relationships with like-minded providers of relevant expertise, products and services. With 24PAWS that includes vets, behaviourists, groomers, educators, niche product manufacturers etc.

There is no clip of the ticket involved in this; it’s just part of being in a healthy community. Examples of “aha” moment items that Jacqui has experience with and recommends:

Joint Flex for dogs:
Two decades ago, Jacqui worked with vet Dr Chris Piper who, in his clinical practice, developed this formula. Quality ingredients, best practice methods, holistic science and feedback from dog owners remains outstanding.

ZIWI® Good Dog Rewards: Scottie loves these, and so do his buddies (aka our doggo clients). When they first came out Jacqui decided to try this as a “good job, well done Scottie!” reward that’s also easy to carry. Just a little goes a very long way!

Shernbao Chamois Towels:
For Jacqui, this 65cm x 45cm chamois is the first step in dog-drying. In a variety of colours (useful to keep track), these are super absorbent, easy to wring out, easy to store, and power-saving. They will gently and efficiently remove most of the water that could otherwise end up in wet towels. Easy to sanitise and convenient to carry in their provided container.