It’s about kindness, patience and a commitment to building trust.

As an Associate Member of The International Companion Animal Network, Jacqui is happy to be among organisations and people around the world who use, teach and recommend only force-free methods in working with animals. The aim of ICAN is to set and maintain high standards within what is currently an unregulated industry and to actively collaborate between organisations to promote our common ethos and goals.

As a qualified pet-first-aider (current certificate, 27.6.2020-2022) Jacqui has undergone training in: CPR, Rescue Breathing; bandaging skills; recognising everyday poisons (chemicals, plants etc) and poisoning symptoms; dealing with shock, hypothermia and broken bones to help stabilise the dog while seeking vet care. A key part of Jacqui’s everyday equipment is a human-certified first-aid kit that has added items to benefit animals.