24PAWS integrates three ideas: Dogs we work with feel great, their humans (our clients) feel pleased, and Scottie and I feel excited to work another day.

Scottie, 24PAWS’ canine co-director

Scottie is an 8 year-old poodle-cross (poodle, maltese, shih tzu). He knows lots of words and what to do when he hears them; loves hanging out with mates and is an enthusiastic co-director.

Fluent in dog-lingo, Scottie is a helpful dog whisperer of OK-ness, and an enthusiastic demonstrator of method to doggo clients who are learning new things. He also demonstrates that a good groom doesn’t need to be floofy, but will be fit for the purpose of being active and comfortable.

Scottie and Jacqui achieved Grade 2 training certification to qualify for the Council’s Responsible Dog Owner status, and went on to a Canine Good Citizenship which they highly recommend as heaps of fun, practical, and great for extending skills and experience.

Jacqui, developer of 24PAWS

Over Christmas a few years ago, Jacqui took her dog Scottie into work with her and he transformed people’s days.

“I was Financial Administrator of a residential drug and alcohol rehab service in Wellington at the time; part of the skeleton staff doing long hours. Colleagues would come into my office specifically to see or hug Scottie and several clients who were otherwise quite quiet would give him enthusiastic greetings and farewells each day. It was lovely.”

“It dawned on me that there was something in this difference Scottie was making that could be my future.”

Already studying canine psychology for interest, Jacqui tested ideas to develop 24PAWS, undertaking formal study and training (which will be lifelong) to create a career around the human-canine bond.

An affinity with dogs is requirement number one for the human director of 24PAWS. In the business sense, top priorities are an ability to think laterally, to multi-task and to enjoy the variety that is inevitable with canine personalities in the mix.

Jacqui is trained/qualified/experienced in:

Dog Psychology & Training and continues to further her studies toward a thesis on the human-canine bond at work.

Dog grooming with certificates in Taking Care of Dogs (awarded Distinction) and Dog & Pet Grooming (awarded Distinction), which together make a Diploma in Dog Grooming, with hands-on dog groomer training at Angel’s Professional Grooming Centre in Auckland by Angela Anderson’s team.

Pet first aid (trained and certified)

Security (approved by the Ministry of Justice as a Property Security Guard and Crowd Controller with the appropriate MoJ and Police checks having been done)

Business (with a Dip. Business in Marketing, and an NZ Dip. Legal Executive Studies, following a first career in technology, then specialising in graphics and business development).

What does all this mean for clients and their dogs?

Reassurance regarding approach (positive, modern methods), up-to-date training, commitment to best practice 🙂

For details on Jacqui’s 1st animal-focused venture see “From Optimus Healthcare to 24PAWS“. Still operating today, Optimus was created to increase vets’ prescribing options for specific patients. 24PAWS runs with the same commitment to knowledge-based, thoughtful, personal service.

Some of our received feedback:

“Jacqui and Scottie are amazing! My partner and I are in and out for work and finding the time to walk the dogs can be very unpredictable (and stressful). Jacqui takes all that stress away and we feel so confident knowing they are in the best hands.”
Dina & Mark, Wellington

“Jacqui, from all the options available, we chose 24PAWS because of your dog psychology qualification and training. You have the same outlook that we have with regard a happy, healthy, engaged dog. With our boy it really shows.”
Sharon, Kapiti

“If you’re looking for something personalised, for your dog’s needs, try Jacqui at 24PAWS.”
via FB group

“Jacqui, I love the way you work with the dogs, not forcing them but bringing them along in the process.”
Jennifer, Auckland

Just FYI, Jacqui is known for moving proverbial mountains to be able to say yes to requests, and to deliver. Initial consultation is free of charge and obligation. Following this, booking payments are upfront, keeping admin. time and costs down, contributing to great service and pricing 🙂

Please note too that if Jacqui and Scottie are unable to work with a dog for any reason (capacity or other), they will do their best to refer you.