Please note: Prices may change. This site will always show current prices, all of which are inclusive of GST.

Social breaks:

A one-to-one social break may be just the ticket for an older/larger/less mobile dog, or one who gets their exercise early or late with you and could just do with a visit to socialise, play, get some hugs and attention, go outside etc. A great option if you have to work later than normal on certain days of the week, or just to break up your dog’s normal at-home day. Longer social breaks can also be booked to fit your work day with pick up and drop off included. Pricing varies as this is a customised service. The base price is $24 per visit. Please make contact to discuss.

House and dog minding:

Prefer to have your dog(s) looked after at home while you are away? Let us know the dates and we’ll come back to you with availability. Pricing varies as this is a customised service. Please make contact to discuss.

Talking while Walking the Dog (TWD):

Need a sounding board for your business or life thoughts, ideas, frustrations and challenges? TWD is based on the ethos “you have the answers for you, here’s the space”. Developed by Jacqui, TWD is part of 24PAWS wider work on effectiveness and well-being. You’ll get to hear what your thoughts sound like when you say them out loud and you can then talk them through. The purposeful act of walking the dog reduces stress and formality, and is a perfect reminder to keep it real and keep it focused. You will end the walk more energised, motivated and clear. Offered with sliding scale pricing depending on your circumstances and the travel time required. Please make contact to discuss.

24PAWS is a small business offering professional services. Each booking is of mutual value and important for cashflow, so payment in advance is required and generally non-refundable unless the place/appointment is able to be filled from a wait list. This policy helps us to maintain moderate pricing and reflects the respectful relationships that we create with our clients.

If you are interested in these 24PAWS‘ services please click here to pop your details into the contact form. Or you are welcome to text your name and number to 027 299 4388 for a callback. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 1/2 a business day.