Grooming, before & after pics

A bath, dry, brush, nail trim, coat clip and scissor trim can make a dog feel and look great 🙂 24PAWS standard service includes social breaks, exercise and condition or maintenance grooming for a happy, healthy and engaged doggo.

Jacqui specialises in condition grooming anxious dogs; she does this with calmness, kindness, lots patience and praise. Often, even the most anxious of her dog clients will take a nap during their groom. A lovely measure of success 🙂

Condition grooming maintains the “after” groom, addresses grooming anxiety and reduces between groom issues such as excess shedding, mats and tangles, debris buildup particularly with paws/nails, ears and eyes. The aim is that grooming can be no biggie for you or your dog. We love it when vets and groomers know we’re on the team; preventing “suddenlies” is key for us all.

Jacqui has completed training in Dog Psychology & Training; Taking Care of Dogs which focuses on biology and health (awarded Distinction); Dog & Pet Grooming (awarded Distinction) and a Diploma in Dog Grooming (awarded Distinction), followed by 115 hours of practical grooming training by Angela Anderson’s team at Angel’s Academy (Angel’s Professional Grooming Centre) in Auckland.

Getting out and about with 24PAWS’ dog clients provides a great balance for Jacqui’s study and research with The International School for Canine Psychology and Behaviour (UK). Her key area of interest is the human-canine bond.