About 24PAWS

“Jacqui and Scottie are amazing! My partner and I are in and out for work and finding the time to walk the dogs can be very unpredictable (and stressful). Jacqui takes all that stress away and we feel so confident knowing they are in the best hands.”

“Jacqui, from all the options available, we chose 24PAWS because of your dog psychology qualification and training. You have the same outlook that we have with regard a happy, healthy, engaged dog. With our boy it really shows.”

Our signature “Social Breaks” service, from $24/day*.

Depending on the length of time your dog is going to be home alone this can be one social/adventure break or two, typically leaving your buddy no more than 3-4 hours on their own. For instance, if you leave home at 7am and return by 6pm, social breaks can be at around 10.30am and 3pm. Or, if you leave home at 9am and are back at 4pm, one longer break at around noon will give a great workout for body and mind. With the looking forward to, the actual visit/outing, the nap on return (x 1 or 2) your dog’s day will fly by. Happy, engaged and well-exercised 🙂

Canine co-director, Scottie.

My canine co-director Scottie and I (Jacqui, the founder-owner-manager (etc!) of 24PAWS) set out each day to offer flexibility, personal service and a great experience for our clients and their dogs. We go from place to place rather than require that clients come to us and we work with a maximum of 6 dogs (24PAWS) per day, often weaving in an overlap for play amongst well-matched dogs.

Please feel free to pop your details into the Contact form and I’ll be in touch (usually within 1/2 a business day). If preferred, you can text your name and number to 027 299 4388 for a callback. Or stop and have a chat if you see us on your travels 🙂

Scottie and I look forward to hearing from you!

3 boys practicing the cue of “statues” before the ball is thrown 🙂

What might a Social Break involve?

  • 2 playful mid-size brothers (same breed): Social breaks while owners are at work. One break is a long walk/play/ball fetching/habit training session in the off leash park. On rainy days the astro-turfed park is an option; wet but sheltered and not muddy 🙂 The other break is most often a play session in the back yard, or if the weather is really bad, a toileting break then some “seek” games and training inside. Fee: $24 (little travel to/from required). With all of our services, unusual expenses (ie to the vet) may be additional.
  • 2 smaller, very polite brothers (different breeds): A social break in the afternoon 🙂 We maintain the boys’ routine and need for a good walk/play/fresh air session when their owners are working late or at meetings/conferences.
  • A large super-intelligent boy: A longer social break for new experiences. Because of his future role, this large, intelligent, young and enthusiastic dog needs to be cool, calm and collected no matter what surface (ie metal open stairs etc) or situation (ie birds, people, sudden noises etc) he encounters 🙂 These outings are one:one with Jacqui, designed to build confidence and increase capabilities.
  • A boisterous growing pup: Often pups have missed out on key stages of socialisation in which mum or siblings provide feedback on play and other behaviours. These sessions can be about positive role modelling. Jacqui can ask Scottie to demonstrate a behaviour, and the pup can follow. Sometimes the best trainer is simply another dog 🙂

Some of what we offer:

  • Social breaks – visiting your dog(s) at home/going for outings: A great way to minimise the boredom of a dog’s day, with emphasis on your dog’s engagement and well-being. A great option if you have to work later than normal on certain days of the week, or just regularly want your dog(s) to get out and about. Please make contact to discuss.
    Key benefits: The break reflects your dog’s particular needs (socialisation, play, going outside, habit-training. giving medication or food, etc). Pricing varies as this is a customised service. $24/day is the single dog base price.
  • Dog minding: Prefer to have your dog(s) looked after at home while you are away? Let us know the dates and we’ll come back to you regarding availability.
    Key benefits: Leaving and returning are simple matters for you and your dog(s). We maintain their routine in their familiar environment and they’ll be hugged, looked after and exercised through to your return. Pricing varies as this is a customised service but a guideline is $65-80/day for up to two dogs who normally live at the same address..

And these which are 24PAWS’ specials:

  • Chaperone service (weddings and other events): A fully customised service for those who would love to include their family pet on their big day, and especially in photos (home, service and reception). If you’d like your pet to carry out a special duty (such as being a ring bearer), we can include training sessions in advance. The chaperone service starts with an initial consultation. Look to book well in advance to secure the date.
    Key benefits: Trying to get the humans of the wedding party (or other event) in one place, on time and without hassle is already full-on, so leave your pet’s attendance to us. With their blankets, bags, biscuits etc on board, we’ll chaperone your pet at/from the pre-wedding (event) address, take them to the venue, chaperone them throughout (including off-site walks and play as needed) and take them home (or to an agreed location, ie friends, family or boarding). Pricing varies as this is a customised service.
  • Driving M Doggo: Check out our special moving/driving service. Totally customised.
  • Talking while Walking the Dog (TWD): TWD is for people – it’s based on the ethos “you have the answers for you, here’s the space”. Developed by Jacqui as part of her thesis work, TWD is part of 24PAWS wider work on effectiveness and well-being.
    Key benefits: You’ll get to hear what your thoughts sound like when you say them out loud, and then you can then talk them through. The purposeful act of walking the dog reduces stress and formality, and is a perfect reminder to keep it real and keep it focused. You will end the walk more energised, motivated and clear. Offered with sliding scale pricing depending on your circumstances and the travel time required. Please make contact to discuss.
  • Managing tradies’ access: If you have tradespeople coming to the house, with this service we can be there to let them in. While they are onsite we can either keep the dogs occupied, or take them out for a change of scene.
    Key benefits: You don’t have to race home and your tradies know the dogs are safe.

As above, please feel free to pop your details into the Contact form and Jacqui will be in touch (usually within 1/2 a business day). If preferred, you can text your name and number to 027 299 4388 for a callback. Or stop and have a chat if you see us on your travels 🙂